When you build a positive, supportive environment that meets the needs of your employees, you help them contribute in ways that benefit your bottom line. Leaders and managers who embrace these concepts and embed them into the fabric of their team and company culture, will find that they lead to higher levels of productivity, balance, resilience, fulfillment, and ultimately, business success.

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This course include video lessons, assessments, an action checklist, a summary guide and templates for managing onboarding, 1:1s and feedback and development. 

Lessons include

  • 1

    The Enlightened Manager

    • Introduction

    • Enlightened People Skills

    • Enlightened Decision-Making

    • Enlightened Hiring and Firing

    • Enlightened 1:1s

    • Enlightened Feedback and Development

    • Summary

    • Self-assessment

    • Organization Assessment

    • The Enlightened Manager Guide

    • Manager 1:1 Tracking Form Template

    • 1:1 Pre-Meeting Form Template

    • Development Conversation Checklist and Plan Template

    • New Hire Onboarding Checklist Template

  • 2

    Bonus Lesson

    • The 7 Elements of an Enlightened Workplace